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Rotary Drilling Rig KR150A

Product Introduction

The maximum output torque is 150kN.m, the maximum drilling depth can reach 52m, and the machine's drilling diameter can also reach 1300mm. The single-cylinder luffing mechanism of this machine has stable operation and is very easy to maintain and repair. The two-segment masts have also been optimized to achieve automatic butt joints and folds, improving efficiency, and helping customers to worry less.In addition, the drilling depth measurement system has been innovated, which has higher accuracy than that of ordinary rigs. The main hoist bottoming protection device (a device that will alarm if the inverted mast is close to the ground) effectively reduces the difficulty of operation and makes the machine Handy when operating machines. The keys of the power head can be used in both directions, and they can continue to be used while they are worn and the other side, which doubles their service life.Very high safety performance, in strict accordance with EU safety standards, meet dynamic and static stability requirements, and ensure safety during construction.Low emissions, environmental protection and energy saving, meet the requirements of most developing and developed countries.The following is an introduction to an engineering case.
This project “power system underground pipe corridor project” is located in Nanjing.The project need construct under the high voltage line, so there is high limited requirement. The rotary drilling rig is customized. Due to the customer's relatively high requirements on mechanical equipment and coping with complex geological conditions. The geology of this project is mainly soil layer, weathered rock, drilling diameter 800mm, drilling depth 15m, hole forming time is about 25 minutes, in general, 10 hours construction forms 21 holes, also with hanging steel cage in the middle. Forming hole efficiency as well as machine performance to obtain customer recognition.

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